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A Tale of Two Cultures


The Recipe

Pepitos 512 came to us with a clear challenge: having trouble connecting with the Austin folks nearby their East Side location. Of course Venezuelans know and love Pepitos, being that it is one of the most beloved and common street foods. But how could they reach their new audience of consumers here in Austin? How could they introduce this sandwich as the new street food of not just Venezuela, but Austin as well?!

Well, they left it to us to cook up a creative way to intro this bad boy to the Austin food scene.

What We Cooked Up…

It was essential for Pepitos 512 to introduce their community to a Pepito, while remaining true to their Venezuelan roots and their brand. The Savor Social team’s plan was to create a video series focused on bringing the Austin community together over the breaking of bread (or in this case, a Pepito!) The goal being to showcase what a Pepito is, and its background, in a fun and organic way.

Our team brought in Austinites from different backgrounds to try Pepitos for the first time… and we got it all on camera. We also surprised locals with Pepitos 512 delivered straight to their office. Check out Pepitos 512’s Instagram for their reactions!


Bon Appetit!

Through a fun video series and posts surrounding it, our team was able to drive almost 10,000 engagements with their Facebook page.

We were so excited to share these videos, as part of our team is also Venezuelan. Not only did we get to share some ‘Venezuelan Flava’ with the Austin community we are a part of, but we also got to help Pepitos 512 boost their sales through online campaigns.


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