Savor Social

Create an appetite

for your business.


Who We Are

We're passionate about connecting businesses to customers that matter.


Savor Social is a digital marketing agency connecting restaurants, lifestyle, food and beverage brands to new customers. We are a team of foodies, social media and brand experts who savor every aspect of life.


Who said there can't be two cooks in the kitchen? While you're busy creating a mouthwatering product, leave marketing your brand to Savor Social.

We learn your story from the inside out, develop your social strategy, create content and serve it to new audiences. Social media, over easy.

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What We Do

We sizzle up your story, so you don't have to.


digital strategy

We know the recipe for growing your brand online and we're pros in the digital kitchen. Our strategy focuses on surveying the competitive landscape, emphasizing customer engagement, and developing a unique brand voice. 


content creation

If you're making great food and no one knows about it, is your food truly great? Savor Social creates the content people are hungry for. From video production to high quality photography, content is a dish best served by us.



social media management

Every executive chef needs a sous chef. You focus on creating an unforgettable onsite experience, and we'll take care of the online. Savor Social's proactive approach means your customers get a five-star experience, from digital to dish.



SOCIAL mEDIA Advertising

Paid advertising is to your marketing plan as dessert is to dinner. Two thirds of consumers recall specific brands they saw being advertised through their social channels in the last week. Through targeted campaigns, our agency helps your business reach new, untapped audiences. 


our work

Make your customers savor their time on social.

Millennials spend hours of their day on social channels, and why shouldn't they? More and more businesses are expanding their social reach in order to connect with new customers. Are you engaging with these users in an impactful way? Wouldn't you like your internet presence to drive traction to your business?

Over 75% of people use social media to find interesting content. Shouldn't your business be on the menu? Savor Social is the way for you to get there. Here's just a taste of our work.